Passing a Hair Follicle Drug Test with Dreadlocks

Last Updated on March 15, 2023

Are you worried about passing a drug hair test if you have dreadlocks? Mike’s Macujo Method is the method for you since it works on all hairstyles. This method has been tested and is a proven way to make sure you get rid of drug toxins from your hair so you can pass your drug test.

Dreadlocks can be formed on any type of hair, so if you have a locked style and are a drug user, Mike’s Macujo Method can still help you clean your hair of drugs. Because the hair closest to the scalp is tested during a hair follicle drug test, you need to open up the dreads at the root so they can do the test.

During a hair drug test, a length of half an inch to 1.5 inches can be tested. By opening up five or six dreadlocks in one spot of your head, this gives the person taking the hair sample easy access. This also will give you control over where they take the hair sample.

Can they take a whole dreadlock to test for drugs? The answer to this is that is it depends on you. If a person giving you the hair test asks you to take an entire dreadlock, you can either agree to it or refuse for them to do that. It is your right to refuse for them to take an entire dreadlock.

With dreadlocked hair, you will only concentrate on just the spot you opened up, so you do not have to do the treatment on your entire head. This is one of the advantages of having dreads and using Mike’s Macujo Method. This method takes away oil from your hair and your scalp and can cause some irritation if you’re using it very frequently.

Because you are only treating a small area on your head though, this leaves a smaller spot that you risk becoming irritated.
Remember that the amount of drugs you use and when your hair follicle test is scheduled is important to using this method. If you are a heavy drug user and your test is coming up soon, you will need to do more treatments on your dreadlocks to get them clean. For less frequent users, you will not need as many treatments of the method to get rid of the drugs in your hair.

When you have dreadlocks, baby hairs will continue to grow at your scalp. It is suggested that you buzz cut all of your new hair growth so it cannot be tested. We also suggest you buzz cut all of your body hair, so you can keep them from using that as hair samples.

Since dreadlocks are woven tightly, it is important to open them up enough at the roots so you can use Mike’s Macujo Method. With this method, you can be sure that you can successfully get rid of drug residue in your dreads to pass your drug test.

Best Detox Shampoo To Pass A Hair test With Dreads

Macujo Aloe Rid Shampoo

How to keep your opened and treated dreadlocks from becoming re-contaminated

When it comes to your dreadlocks, we recommend that you also wash all your dreadlocks around the area that you opened. Why do we recommend you do this? To help you decrease the risk of potential re-contamination. To make sure that you give yourself the most effective chance at passing your drug test, you want to be sure that you do not contaminate your open and washed dreadlock area. This re-contamination can occur when the opened and treated dreadlocks touch your other dreadlocks that have drug residue still on them.

For example, if you smoke Marijuana, the residue will stay on the outside of your dreadlocks. If your open and washed dreadlocks lay next to dreadlocks that have Marijuana residue on the outside, you risk your opened dreadlocks becoming contaminated. This re-contamination can cause you to fail your drug test.

In order to keep your opened dreadlocks from becoming contaminated, we recommend that you wash the outside of your other dreadlocks a few times with the Nexxus Aloe Rid shampoo. This part of the process is important to help make sure that all your dreadlocks are cleaned efficiently to avoid any potential re-contamination.

Do not let all of your efforts of opening and treating a specific area of your dreadlocks be a waste of time by not properly cleansing the surrounding dreadlocks.

This is an important step we recommend in the Mike’s Macujo Method cleansing process to help you pass a hair drug test with dreadlocks. Make sure you follow the directions of the Nexxus Aloe Rid shampoo to cleanse the outer layers of the surrounding dreadlocks. This is the surest way that you that you can keep your open dreadlock area clean for your test.

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Jordan Clements

1 year ago

Hey I’m a daily fentanyl user…. Will this work from r me as well ?!!!!

Macujo Method

1 year ago

yes,it works with fentanyl. call us if you need help


4 years ago

It was a lot of work but I passed. I had been a smoker, but had stopped three to four weeks before the test. My hair was short, and I did this method for about 8 times, then used zydot.

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