Going to be honest…I did eleven 1-9 steppers and it was a lot of work. Then I did THIRTEEN 1-5 steps which was easier and quicker but still, a lot of work. BUT, it DEFINITELY helped so much! So total I completed 24 washes and even though i came out positive, it was BARELY detected.

Posted onMay 19, 2022

I passed my hair test for my family case!! I was a heavy smoker of Marijuana.. I quit smoking in August and was still testing positive for it in December. I still haven’t smoked because I knew I would have another test in a few months, however I did use hydrocodone kind of heavy for

Posted onMay 20, 2022

Reading is fundamental. You follow the instructions…you’ll pass. You DON’T you WON’T. Again, TRUST the PROCESS and FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS. THANKS AGAIN MIKE!

Posted onMay 20, 2022

Ok so here it is. I was freaking out just like you searching the internet looking for a way to pass hair follicle test. I choose Mike’s method with his shampoo and I followed his instructions to the letter and was able to pass my test. I used my facial hair did 10 washes and

Posted onMay 17, 2022

I was so scared to use macujo method since I was a heavy smoker but I followed all steps, bleached and dyed my hair and passed with very low toxins! Highly recommend !!!

Posted onMay 17, 2022

I used for opiates and only did 8 washes and passed!!

Posted onMay 12, 2022

Occasional weed use less than 90 days from test….passed using only six treaments

Posted onMay 13, 2022

I passed after smoking about 4 grams a month before my test. I also have been taking vyvanze for over a year now nearly everyday. Nothing showed up after washing 2 times a day for 1 week prior to testing. Seems to have the desired results if you stick to directions and wash consistently. I

Posted onMay 12, 2022

This stuff works it’s very great did not have any complaints was clean as can be after following directions thousand percent worth it thank you Mike.

Posted onMay 10, 2022

My ex asked me to get a hair test and tried to withhold my children right before Easter and my daughters birthday. The test took 10 business days to process. I passed thank God! Peroxide three times and 10 washes. My skin on my ears and neck pealed off. It was such a relief though.

Posted onMay 11, 2022

I used the product twice and the first time I followed it step by step but only did 3 washings. It reduced my test results drastically but I still failed. This test was very crucial to me for custody of my son. So then I waited several weeks and ordered more shampoo and this time

Posted onMay 5, 2022

PASSED, if i ever need to cleanse my hair folicle again without hesitation I will be a returning customer, thanks Mike!

Posted onMay 5, 2022

Blessed to say this worked for me. It’s a time consuming process, but gets quicker the more you do it. Worth the purchase imo.

Posted onMay 4, 2022

Great experience, thanks Mike best decision I made was calling you and buying your product. I’m enjoying the new job thanks to you! I recommend this product 100 percent!

Posted onApril 27, 2022

Extremely pleased. Used the product follow the steps completely as described and after two washes tested negative on a 10-panel hair test. It definitely work for me and after trying all those other garbage imitators on the market. Appreciate you Mike!!

Posted onApril 27, 2022

It worked, it worked, it worked.

Posted onApril 22, 2022

Absolutely works! Removed THC from my hair three weeks from using. 14 times using the MMM! Trust in this process!

Posted onApril 25, 2022

I was desperate to start a new career and get away from my old dead end job to change my life and needed to cleanse my hair follicle. I found Mike’s Macujo Method which is the is the only one of its kind and works as long as you follow the directions. Thanks Mike for

Posted onApril 21, 2022

i found mike out of extreme desperation! My husbands Ex should be studied for her ability to bare children, yet have the maternal instinct of lizard. (FYI she has no absolutely NO MATERNAL INSTINCT). I don’t like to refer to her as their biological-mother because she is truly ANYTHING BUT. Chaining them to each other,

A very very happy customer
Posted onApril 19, 2022

Thank you Mr. Mike for your method. I did 7 washes followed by the zydot wash. In result I have passed my drug screen!!!! I cannot thank you enough!!! This is a masterpiece. If you are readings this and want to successfully pass your test, this is the way!!!!

Brent L.
Posted onApril 21, 2022