Private Consultation with Mike Macujo

What's included with the consultation:

  • I will go over your situation you with you and tell your options that are available for you to pass your hair test then I will create step by step approach that will guarantee that you will pass your hair test.- success rate is better than 99.9 successful. If I can’t get you to pass by the date you need to pass i will go over with you on other options.
  • I will customize a program for you to pass your hair test and I will guarantee you will pass your hair test or I will give you back your money for this consultation
  • you will get a direct number where you can contact me up to 4 times for further support during your cleansing process.
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here is my review i had a late night consultation with mike. mike was very patient in answering my questions and giving advice. if you have a busy day i recommend this

Posted onMarch 28, 2023

thanks mike, I felt in control of the situation after we spoke God

Posted onMarch 22, 2023

scheduled a consultation 2 weeks ago right after getting my shampoo, cant believe i actually spoke to Mike Himself! He patiently went over all options and told me exactly what to do in order to delay my test for a whole week. that gave me enough time to detox and pass my hair

Posted onMarch 21, 2023

Thanks Mike! everything worked well, Got the job and i’m happy. you’ll get all of your answers in this consultation 100%

Kathy P.
Posted onMarch 14, 2023

Bought the Shampoo before i called for the consultation. felt much more confident after I spoke to mike. it seems I was an easy case which was such a relief, just as Mike anticipated, I Passed with Flying

Alisson M.
Posted onMarch 13, 2023
I scheduled a personal consultation a week ago, I spoke to Mike around 9PM which was perfect for my busy schedule, I was given a detox plan very well explained and suggestions that I would not have though of. Let me put it this way, the peace of mind I got from Mike’s advice was

James S.
Posted onMarch 13, 2023