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How to Pass a Urine Drug Test

Urine drug tests are one of the common ways employers test to see if someone is on drugs. Urinalysis drug tests are used to determine if you are ON drugs because they can detect drugs in your urine for short periods of time. Drug toxins can stay in your urine for several hours to days depending on what type of drug and how much of it you used.

No matter what kind of drugs you used, the products we offer can help you successfully pass a urine drug test. They are easy to use and have helped thousands of people pass urinalysis drug tests. Here we will take a look at each product so you can decide what will work best for you.

Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine Kit

These synthetic urine kits are very easy to use and have proven to be effective at helping drug users pass urine tests. All of our synthetic urine goes through urinalysis testing to make sure that it is clean and identical to human urine. With a 100% pass rate, our synthetic urine is guaranteed to be pure enough to get you to successfully pass your urinalysis drug test. We stand by this product and guarantee that you will have success with our synthetic urine.

Detox Drink

The Ultra Klean 1 Hour Liquid Formula is formulated to get rid of all the drug toxins in your system for several hours after you used the drugs. All you do is shake and drink the product, then refill it with water 15 minutes later and drink that. By following just a few easy steps, you can make sure the toxins are gone from your urine for the next four hours. This simple drink is the ultimate in convenience to help you quickly and effectively remove drugs from your urine.

Detoxifying Tea

Supreme Klean Detoxifying Tea is a refreshing natural alternative to the Ultra Klean drink. This detox tea is 100% natural and has a 99% plus success rate at helping drug users remove toxins from their urine. With a freshly brewed taste, this tea has been formulated by the best people in the industry and is a great choice for light to moderate drug users.

Successfully passing an alcohol EtG urine test

What is an EtG urine test? Ethyl Glucuronide (EtG) is a metabolite of alcohol that can be found in your urine for up to three days after you drink alcohol. An alcohol EtG test is used by employers, courts, etc. to determine if you have consumed alcohol over the last few days.

Can you flush alcohol out of your urine? You can flush alcohol out of your urine with the use of the Supreme Klean Detoxifying Tea and the Ultra Klean 1 Hour detox drinks. Drinking these will remove drug toxins of any kind from your urine for a period of time. You could also use the Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine Kit and use our synthetic urine to help you pass your alcohol EtG urine test as well.

We fully support the products we offer because of their superior quality and proven effectiveness. We worked with experts in this field to create reliable, potent products that produce incredible success rates. These are the best products on the market and are your best choices to get a pass on a urine drug test.

FAQ About Urine Drug Tests

If you’re not using any urine drug detox products, this depends on the amount of drugs you used and the type of drugs. For example, alcohol can stay in your system up to three days, while Marijuana can stay in the urine for more than 30 days. However, with the use of our urine cleansing drinks, you can quickly remove drug toxins from your urine. Alternatively, you can use the synthetic urine as a replacement to your own urine. Each of these options will get rid of the toxins in your urine regardless of what drug you used.
While this may help you to dilute your urine, water alone will not remove drug toxins from urine to help you pass a drug test. The only way to most adequately get rid of drugs from your urine is to use a urine drug detox drink or synthetic urine product.

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