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Hair Drug Testing

Home Hair Test kit


Do you have an upcoming hair drug test you need to pass? If you want to successfully pass your hair follicle drug test, Mike’s Macujo Method products are your best chance at helping you do this.
Our hair drug test detox shampoo is proven effective at cleaning drug residue of any kind from all hair types. It is a concentrated formula that will help to cleanse drug build up in your hair even if you are a heavy drug user.
With our Home Hair Test Kits, you can easily test your hair to see if it detects any drugs. Following a few simple steps allows you to test your hair at home and gives you reliable results in days. By doing drug hair tests at home with our test kits you will be able to test for 18 kinds of drugs, which makes this a wide range test.

Detox shampoo for hair drug test

These products are easy to use and produce effective results when used according to the instructions. When you purchase our products for your shampoo for hair drug test needs, you can feel confident that you are getting top quality items that will help you adequately pass your drug test.

Frequently Asked Questions
1. Will a hair drug test detect light use of drugs? Yes. Hair drug tests can identify drug use even if you are a light user.

2. How many times do I have to wash my hair with your shampoo to get rid of the drugs? This depends on the amount of drugs you use and the type of drugs. To find out specific information on how many times you need to wash your hair with our shampoo, click here. (I thought this could be another good place to insert the link to the page about specific number of washes.)

3. How long can a hair follicle drug test detect residue in my hair? Hair drug tests can detect drugs up to 90 days from use. Our home testing hair kits will provide you with a 90 day drug report and report the type of drugs found and how much is in your hair.