Frequently Asked Questions for Mike’s Macujo Method

How effective is Mike's Macujo Method?

Mike’s Macujo Method has a 98% success rate! Since 1998, Mike has been a leader in drug testing industry, He has worked with 1000’s of customers over the past 20 years to create a product or method that will help customers remove all toxins from there hair to pass a hair follicle drug test. Finally around 2015, he perfected the Macujo Method that could give customers a higher success rate and also remove other toxins from there hair other than THC. Now Mike’s Macujo Method is the best way to date to pass a hair follicle drug test for any toxins not just for THC. Mike’s Macujo Method is a permanent cleansing method that will lower your levels in your hair every time you do it. So the only way to fail your hair follicle drug test is if you did not wash your hair enough times to get your levels below the cutoff to pass your hair drug test

Which Products Should I use?

You must get Nexxus Aloe Rid Gentle Clarifying Shampoo if it does not say this on the bottle don’t buy it because you won’t pass. You must also use the Zydot cleansing shampoo on the day of your test

How do I use your Products?

With your order of Nexxus Gent Clarifying Shampoo from our website we will give you step by step directions we also have video directions on our web site or you can also call us.

Is there anything else I can do to prepare for my test?

With your order of Nexxus Gent Clarifying Shampoo from our website we will give you step by step directions we also have video directions on our web site or you can also call us.

Is there anything else I can do to prepare for my test?

Stop using as soon as possible and start doing the Mike’s Macujo Method. Remember every time you wash with our method, you permanently lower your levels in your hair.

How long do toxins stay in the body?

It takes about 5 to 7 days from the time you that you consumed any drug to grow from the root before it breaks through your skin of your scalp. An average person hair will grow approx 1/2 per month. So for example, if your a man with hair length of 2 inches the drug or drugs will stay in your hair 120 days and then when you get your haircut it will get cut away and the hair will be clean, providing you have not used within the 120 days. Most hair tests will go back 90 days which requires 1 and 1/2 half inches of hair. Men have the luxury to cut it shorter than the 1 1/2 inches. Woman in most case will have no option but to submit the 1 1/2 inch unless they’re willing to shave there head. Keep in mind if you don’t have head hair they will try for arms, armpit, chest, legs, or back hair. They will never ask for pubic hair.

Is Mike's Macujo Method a mask?

No! it is not a mask. Every time you wash, you permanently lower your levels in your hair so the more drugs you used the more washes needed.

Is Mike's Macujo Method safe for my hair?

Yes, it is safe for your hair. Your hair will feel dry and that is normal because we are removing the melanin in and out of the follicle. Your hair will go right back to normal after you use conditioner. We recommend you don’t use conditioner until you get tested. Some hair of women might get tangled or knotted because of long hair when doing this method so you must use a conditioner, we recommend you to wash your hair again in 4 hours later with your favorite shampoo and conditioner. Do not use conditioner immediately after Mikes Macujo Method.

Are your products guaranteed?

Depending on which shampoo you use for the day of your test either Zydot or Ultra Klean. Both have manufacturer guarantee and as for the Nexxus, we are sorry there is no guarantee. The good news is if you use the original Nexxus Aloe Rid with Mike’s Macujo Method, we have a 98% success rate and as long as you wash enough times for your past drug use you will definitely pass.

How long will drugs stay in your hair?

For every 1 inch of hair exposed on your head is approximatly 60 days of history, for example if you have 4 inches of hair on your head, this would mean 4 X 60 = 240 days. This will be much longer for body hair, because your body hair (such as armpit and pubic hair) grows much slower.

How many bottles of Nexxus Aloe Rid do I need for my washes?

Under most circumstances you will only need one bottle:
1 bottle is good for up to 15 washes on shoulder length hair.

Can i use Zydot shampoo for the Mike's Macujo Method?

The Zydot shampoo is only to be used on the day of the test, not during the Macujo washes.

I have very long hair, do i need to wash all of it?

No. Just concentrate your washes on the first 5 inches from your scalp.

Can I use Conditioner?

We do not recommend using conditioner, if you must, because your hair is unmanageable wash your hair again 8 hours later and use conditioner but use it sparingly. Never use conditioner immediately after you do mikes macujo method.
woman or men that have long hair past their shoulders, can use conditioner only on their ends

How many washes do I need to pass my test?

please use this link to calculate how many washes

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