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Worked perfectly. I followed directions and I pasted the folical test. I only had weed in the hair. Daily user . Many years. This method took 10 days and worked 100 percent. I highly recommend Mike’s Macujo Method. Once again I say…it works . I did it. You can bet on it.

It worked! It worked! It worked! It worked! THANKYOU Mike’s Macujo !!!! Results came back negative for cannabis today! I put a perm through my hair before starting treatment to break down the follicles, then did eight mike’s macujo washes as close to the script as possible (I could only get astringent shampoo not clean

First of all, Mike thank you again for saving my life with the Mike’s macujo method. I was using crack in the past (almost every day) Then I stopped for a while, then came back to this crap again. In the meantime I was drinking too. I had to do hair test and didn’t know

Worked just like it said it would

Even tho my scalp is dry and a little sore I past my hair follicle test with the macujo steps !!! I would recommend this for anyone whom has at least 6 days before their test!

I have to admit even though i was a little nervous I used Mike’s shampoo and without question one of the best moves I have made I passed my hair follicle test without any issues and got the job and fresh start i was praying for . I am extremely Impressed and highly recommend his

This worked!!!! I was so happy that it did. I used this 10-15 times along with bleaching my hair within a 2 week span. I was a heavy smoker and also had recently taken addy! So thankful for this method!

This product worked well for my husband, he used it 3 days prior to the test. Having to do 5 treatments following the directions. He did have some irritation on his hairline due to the chemicals which could have been prevented but that’s on him. He is a daily user.

This is the only real choice when it comes to washing your hair preparing for a follicle test. After 20+ years, Mike truly knows the process and delivers time and again (a 99% pass/success rate is hard to argue with). The 1%ers who are likely the same that give the bad reviews either didn’t educate

Thank you Mike for your method it really works. So if anyone out there is looking for a magical product this is it and if your like me your gonna want to hear real people say I did it and it really

THANK YOU, MIKE! I was seriously stressed when I learned I was going to be hair tested, while the recruiter was extending my offer, and I went blank the minute she said it. I was freaking out having never taken one, but have passed urine tests in the past with sub solution. Daily smoker for

If you fail it’s your fault. Follow the steps, follow the steps, follow the steps. I was a heavy user and passed for the private financial sector.
This is the bomb!!!!!!!
It’s lit!!!!!!

This method is amazing!! I followed every step, every wash!! Please allow yoir self time. I did it in between chores, sleeping and life at home ao that I could get in enough washes. I slept with shower cap on my head during the 30 min wait times. You may have to get a 2

This stuff works!!! I was popped with a hair follicle test (HFT) (I’ve been taking random urine screens and blow in a breathalyzer 4x daily) so it was a complete shock to have a HFT on top of this. I used the product exactly as instructed and did a hair bleach/redye just to be safe.

I originally purchased this shampoo in hopes of lowering levels. I’m an everyday smoker and have been for about 16 years, I eat an edible before bed and smoke flower regularly, however I had taken some (probably for a month everyday) Xanax and was scared to death when I arrived at my child custody hearing

First of all, the method works. Period. However you cannot skip any steps and be prepared for ALOT of washes using Mike’s method if you have been having alot of “fun” over the last few months. I paid for a private hair follicle test and the results were ridiculously high (38,000+). In a panic I

Mikes method worked i had 8 days i called him personally he assured me i would pass so he next day shipped me the aloe rid and zydot i went to the store got the other stuff and went to work did 12 washes with a hair bleach and redie day before and zydot day

I drank every other week and got a call saying I needed to pass an alcohol hair follicle test. I was freaking out, in a panic. I did some research online and found the mike macujo method. At first I was skeptical, thinking it was a scam.. did a little more research and found some

100% works if you follow the steps to the T. So quick back story, 6 weeks prior to my hair follicle test, I did about 5 grams of the white pony over a course of two weeks.
20 washes and a bleach and redye, I passed and got the new job!!’ Mike is awesome,

I used the Mike Macujo method as a moderate user of cocaine and marijuana (6-7 times in the 2 months prior to test) and I passed a 10 panel follicle test with flying colors. Mike was very helpful answered a call on a Sunday night and talked about what I needed to do exactly now

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Pass a Hair Drug Test – Macujo Method

Finding out a hair cleaning methods for clearing your hair drug test? Choose the Macujo method with a good success rate. This method is a good hair cleaning procedure which requires you to follow only a few steps with some components.

People have been using it for over a decade now and are quite satisfied with the results.The only thing is the Macujo Method works only for moderate levels of THC. How about a method that works for all drugs?This sounds very promising and we brought that to the reality by creating Mike’s Macujo Method on years of testing and research.

Now, we shall know about the method a little more so that we may properly understand how this method works and what all we require to do in order to make it work.

What is Mike’s Macujo Method?

This is the most updated and the most enhanced method for best results. The Original Macujo Method only works for the removal of Marijuana, and only for moderate levels of marijuana.Mike’s Macujo Method was created to remove all drugs and alcohol from your hair

Easy to follow video instructions

Instructions have been very easier to follow with the video directions.

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