Tips, Tricks, And Facts To Effectively Pass Your Hair Drug Test With Mike’s Macujo Method

  • Important do not use your old brush, comb, or pick. Buy new one or boil your old one in water and clean with alcohol.
  • Towel dry your hair in between each step
  • Every time you shampoo with our system you will permanently lower your levels in your hair
  • If you were a daily user or were a heavy user, you must shampoo a minimum of at least 10 times
  • THC – try to shampoo with Mike’s Macujo Method at least 8 to 20 times if heavy user.
  • Opiates – try to shampoo with Mike’s Macujo Method at least 10 to 20 times if the heavy user.
  • COCAINE – METH – ECSTASY – These drugs are the hardest of all drugs of all. Depending on your usage over the past 4 months will depend on how many times you will need to Shampoo with my Method. Example: You Must shampoo with my methods at least 1 to 3 times per day for every time that you used. if you used any of these up to 5 times, you must wash your hair 5 to 15 washes. If you are a chronic user, we also recommend you to a bleach and re-dye.
  • You can never be to clean so try to do Mike’s Macujo Method more than 1 time per day and treat Mike’s Macujo Method as 1 system and space out the system at least 4 hours before you do Mike’s Macujo Method again to avoid rash or irritations. If you have more than 3 weeks you don’t need to do it 1 to 3 times per day you could then do it 1 time per day or every other day.
  • Do Not Use Any Brush That You Used in The Past Purchase New Brush Comb or Pick If Not Possible Boil Water and Wash Them Well With Alcohol. I Had Many People Fail Using Their Old Comb and Brush, ***PLEASE TAKE THIS TIP SERIOUS***
  • Use A Clean Towel Out Every Day That You Clean Your Hair with My Methods.
  • If You Have Long Hair and You Have Smoked in Your Car in The Past Make Sure That You Put a Towel Over the Head Rest of Your Car So That Your Clean Hair Does Not Lay Against Your Seats to Attach 2nd Hand Smoke,


  • How Toxins (Thc, cocaine, Prescriptions ETC,) stays on the hair. When I say toxins, this means any illicit drugs that could make you fail your hair test – remember for every week you stay clean you will get another 1/8 of an inch of clean growth So it’s in your best interest to stall as much as possible to try to shift the balance of clean hair to dirty hair
  • Keep in mind that the first 1/8 of an inch is the root below the scalp
  • 5/8s of an inch of hair is the minimum required for the hair test. when they say, they will go back 90 days or 6 months is not true they can only go back as far as the length of hair that was taken from your head… ½ inch of hair is 30 days 1 inch is 60 days. men have this luxury they can cut their hair down to 5/8 of an inch and woman will have to give the 1 and ½ inch of hair which is required this will be able to go back around 90 days
  • Now for men if your hair is longer then 5/8 of an inch and it is mostly clean DO NOT GET A HAIRCUT, only cut down to 5/8s of an inch if you used daily, but if you were a very light user in the past IT WILL HURT YOU TO CUT IT DOWN TO THE 5/8s because your cutting mostly clean growth and leaving the clean growth on your head will dilute the toxins. Because they cut the hair and melt it to a liquid and by leaving the hair past the 5/8s will help you dilute the dirty hair (this is somewhat confusing so feel free to call me if you have any questions)

Let your hair on your head to start to grow. Don’t shave it or trim


  • If you shave your hair on your head and you know that you’re going to get a hair test soon, immediately buzz all your body hair down to a # 1 as soon as possible,
  • Then from that day on letting your HAIR on your HEAD to start to grow don’t shave it and within 1 week to 10 days, your head hair will be 3 times longer than the body hair. Don’t start the Method until you have at least ¼ of an inch of hearing on your head otherwise your only cleaning skin
  • Whoever is testing you. Tell them that you always shave all the hair on your body and tell them you’re going to let it grow for them so they can test it but make sure that the hair on your body stays much shorter than your head hair.
  • remember the minimum amount of hair needed to test is 5/8 of an inch if your head hair is not 5/8 of an inch. When you go for your hair test on that day play dumb. What will happen is they will ask you if your body hair or armpits hair is longer, Of course, it won’t be because you made sure your head hair was longer. What they will tell you comes back in a 1 week or 2 and they will also tell you not to cut your hair
  • so now on the day of your test you do Mike’s Macujo Method again for at least 4 days and then on the day of your test use the ultra-clean ultra-cleanse as the last step right after Mike’s Macujo Method and then go for your test. Within a few

1 inch of body hair could possibly have 3 times as many toxin levels when compared to 1 inch of head hair

BODY HAIR? Why you must not ever give body hair

  • Body hair grows 3 times slower than head hair – this means it is exposed to the toxins 3 times more than head hair – so 1 inch of body hair could possibly have 3 times as many toxin levels when compared to 1 inch of head hair.
  • Body hair is thicker and coarser than head hair, because of this body hair will have more toxins than head hair.
  • It’s very difficult to do the MACUJO Method on all of your body hair, because of gravity you would have to hold your armpits up for 40 minutes to do the MACUJO Method and it will keep dripping down and you also you need to do chest, legs, arms and back hair. Don’t cut your pubic hair because they are not permitted to take hair from you’re the pubic area
  • So now that you understand why it is very dangerous for you to let them test your body hair. How do we avoid this? The best way to get around having to give the collector body hair is to get a Hair buzzer /Trimmer and buzz all your body hair down to a #1. Attachment on a buzzer which will give you approx. 1/8 of an inch of hair. This way your hair will be too short on your body, now they will go for wherever the longest hair is available, which now will be your head hair,


  • Must also buzz them tight to their face it must be much shorter than your head hair or then you risk them trying to cut from your beard

Below Are Some Examples: To Better Understand

Example #1

Let’s say you never used any illicit toxins and on Jan 1, new year’s eve you’re out with your friends you drank a little and you smoke some weed maybe do some ecstasy or a few lines of coke and this was the first time in almost a year since you have used any toxins, and now with your luck a good job opportunity comes up and you need to take a hair drug test. Well if you take that test within 7 days which is between January 1st through January 7th, your hair will still be clean and you will pass your test because it takes approximately 7 to 10 days for the hair to grow from the root before it comes past your scalp. But if your test was scheduled for the 15 of Jan you will fail.

Example #2

Let’s say the last time you used any illicit toxins was Jan 1, new year’s eve and you have a hair drug test on Jan 21 this means you are clean for the past 3 weeks only, this will give you only 2/8s of an inch of clean hair close to the scalp now keep in mind that if the last time you used any toxins was Jan 1, your hair will be clean till jan 7 because this first 1/8 of An inch is below the scalp and then the next 2 weeks will give you 2/8s of an inch of clean growth above the scalp which is the 21 of Jan. Now you stay clean another week which is Jan 28 that means 3/8 of an inch above your scalp is clean.

  • Jan 1 till Jan 7 the first 1/8 of an inch is clean below the scalp
  • Jan 14 the 2nd week 1/8 of inch is clean above the scalp
  • Jan 21 the 3rd week 2/8 of inch is clean above the scalp
  • Jan 28 the 4th week 3/8 of inch is clean above the scalp
  • So every 7 days a gives you another 1/8 of clean growth