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It works!!! Exhausting to have to keep doing the steps over and over again but don’t quit cause it does work!!

Posted onNovember 28, 2022

Great product and it definitely works. I was 2 months out, used the products as directed, and passed.

Posted onNovember 28, 2022
Started tesla a weed friendly job so started smoking for first time in 10+ years about every 2-3 weekends id smoke for 6 months before i got laid off Needless to say i needed to pass a hair follicle for my next job called and let them know and that i tried coke few months

Posted onNovember 27, 2022
I can’t believe it. But it worked! I called Macujo after another “shampoo” company rep told me on the phone that Macujo is the only process that has the best results. A lady named Hope picked up and walked me through how to do everything. I smoked vape and flower daily. I was ready to

Posted onNovember 23, 2022
First off I don’t smoke like that bc the jobs I’ve held do random drug tests but I been in transition for some time and for my bday my bf took me on this amazing trip where weed is legal. Long story short, I smoked what I thought was a cbd vape pen but when

Posted onNovember 23, 2022
Followed the wash cycle and my son passed his family court hair follicle test. His test did show marijuana, however as he had been upfront with court and he continued to smoke upto and on day of test. This shampoo and wash cycle removed ice, Meth & mdma which he had binged 4-5 weeks before

Posted onNovember 21, 2022

I would just like to say thank you, Mike! My fiancé had a hair follicle test in three days we used Mikes method and passed for Thc He was an every day smoker and needed to wash his hair 10 to 15 times but we passed with flying colors. Thank you again.

Posted onNovember 16, 2022
Definitely recommend. I didn’t have much warning of my follicle test and am a frequent user. I followed step by step and only did 3-4 times due to the time crunch and passed. If you have time definitely spread it out as the instructions say, it does start to hurt your skin, or put the

Posted onNovember 16, 2022

Worked great passed my test with flying colors

Posted onNovember 12, 2022

Called Mike, he told me to complete 10 washes, i was using thc and Adderall for a few days and i passed my hair test with no problem
i used the black bottle aloe rid shampoo with the mike macujo method

Posted onNovember 11, 2022

Cant thank you Enough! you took your time to answer all my questions and pointed me to the right products
so excited i passed my test and i was hired for my new job!
hands down, Macujo aloe shampoo is the best for drug toxin removal

Wolf B.
Posted onNovember 9, 2022

Followed mike macujo method eight times. Then I used the zydot shampoo and gel. I also took the hair sample with a wet head. Didn’t sleep on it. Thanks Mike!!!!!

Posted onNovember 3, 2022

I used thc and coke for a month, Mike told me to do 15 washes and a bleach treatment, passed without a problem! , only buy the Macujo Shampoo, black bottle, the green bottle toxinrid is fake and didn’t work for me.

Posted onOctober 24, 2022

mike method really works, i did 7 washes with black bottle macujo shampoo and the astringent and vinegar, also used Zydot before the test, i recommend 100%

Posted onOctober 21, 2022

Works awesome try it

Robert Klu
Posted onOctober 19, 2022

I passed my ETG alcohol test without a problem, i drink many times a week, Mike told me to do 10 Mike Macujos washes, so i did 2 a day for 5 days and i also used the Zydot before i went for testing

Posted onOctober 10, 2022
The day I got to know that I would be having a pre-employment hair drug test, I freaked out. I Found out Mike’s Macujo website which relevant info and showed exactly how to pass the drug test. I washed my hair 12 times and also bleached and re-dyed. I called Mike the same day and

Posted onOctober 7, 2022

I passed with flying colors!!!
I got my dream job, and all thanks to you. A million thanks.

Posted onOctober 4, 2022

I have passed (4!!!!) hair follicles using your method. I feel like I could be a spokeswoman lol!

Posted onSeptember 28, 2022

24Got a hair test for my job and i was able to pass with 19 mike macujo washes, Green bottle shampoo doesn’t work only get the Macujo aloe rid shampoo because toxin rid scam from the other website id fake only buy the black bottle and call mike.

Posted onSeptember 24, 2022