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If you too are reading this you were freaking out just like me when I was hit with the news of having to take a hair follicle exam. A 12 panel Test

I had 10 days. I must say that I did everything to my hair. I used several processes. I had to pass this test as it was administered for legal purposes. I had been a daily MJ smoker up until June 2023.

I immediately bleached my hair (using 40 volume developer) dyed it twice. I detoxed my hair daily with vinegar and Lemon Juice. Then I ordered Neutrogena T-Sal scalp cleaning shampoo and washed my hair daily until I received the Macujo aloe rid shampoo.

I used the macujo shampoo several times a day doing the method 5 times exactly as directed with the exact ingredients as suggested.

My hair is thin so I had several burns to my scalp but as I read that others shared… I really did not care. I cut my hair to a short loc’d style just so I would have less hair to treat.

I have locs and it was suggested that if about 5 or 6 locs are opened then they would have to take hair from that section only. This was not true. They actually took small samples from 3 -7 sections from my hair. My son had the same test done and they took 3 samples. The lady who administered my test made it known that if she could not take the samples from more than one area, then it would count as a refusal. Needless to say, I was on the mercy of depending on the processes done previously. I overdid every process. I was doing things to my hair as though my life depended on it.

On day 5 and day 10 I used the Ultra Clean Shampoo as directed. Day 10 I gave the sample at about 4:00pm.

The results came back in 3 days and I passed. I have quit . I don’t wanna ever go through that kinda panic for something that could be loss just by partaking. Too much on the line to lose.

Buy this product and do the methods as directed. Do it consistently. If you can, bleach and die before doing the methods. Trim hair if applicable.

Good Luck!

I also shampooed my hair once a day with Neutrogena T-Sal Deep cleansing scalp conditioner.

Posted onAugust 14, 2023