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I had 90 days to clear my system before a hair follicle test as a condition for split custody after my divorce. I only smoke weed so I wasn’t worried about any actual drug but this was still a huge deal if I failed! 50/50 custody was on the line! I have been smoking multiple

Posted onMarch 26, 2023

This is a great product just follow the directions. Trust me it works.

Posted onMarch 23, 2023
The instructions are specific and the steps are easy to follow. I’ve decided to stay away from companies that give the follicle test just to get insurance breaks… with much more expensive tests. I believe in the product and the process. I am a retired triathlete… still swim. I’ve gotten rid of dead skin and

Posted onMarch 22, 2023
My husband waited a long time to change his life and career. He slipped up about 3 weeks before he was trying to go get his CDL and didn’t realize that they did hair follicle test when we got online and did the research this product was very promising and in fact he passed his

Posted onMarch 22, 2023
I smoked probably 3 times total in the last 90 days I am no where near a heavy smoker but I had a great job opportunity I just couldn’t afford taking a risk on so I got this and I PASSED ! I also love how soft this shampoo makes my hair I didn’t even

Posted onMarch 22, 2023

Love this method…I KNOW FIRST HAND THAT IT WORKS,CAUSE It has ALLOWED me to PASS my hair follicle test MANY MANY TIMES 😉

Posted onMarch 19, 2023
Depending on the texture of your hair. Like me, black female with past shoulder length hair. It’s best in my experience, using the process, to part your hair in sections and complete to prevent matting and tangling. Eventhough the job decided not to do the test this process really gets your hair clean and makes

Posted onMarch 18, 2023

It really works! Did the washes just like directions said, and I passed!!! Both drug screen and alcohol hair follicle worth every penny!!!

Posted onMarch 17, 2023
Daily user of edibles for sleep. Stopped 5 weeks before screening. Performed 11 washes using Mike Macujo method, 2x day one, 3x day two, 3x day three, 1x day four (screening day) incorporating Zydot product after final wash. Got the news that I cleared the screening. Also got the job (pre-employment screening). Thank you, Mike!

Posted onMarch 17, 2023

I passed my hair follicle Using mikes macujo method. I last smoked THC about 2 months before my test. I didn’t smoke much anyways, just once or twice a week or so. I did 2 washes and used zydot as my 3rd wash and took my test. Got my results the next day and passed.

Posted onMarch 17, 2023

I love this method. Even though this was my first time trying this product. It only took me 5 washes and I passed my test with flying colors.

Posted onMarch 16, 2023
Well…. I was in a last minute decision for a good job, although I used a white substance and had to take a hair test. I used about a half gram about 30 days prior to hair test. I bought the aloe rid kit and I called in got instructions from the phone number (which

Posted onMarch 15, 2023

This is Amazing it works I recommend it 100 percent

Posted onMarch 15, 2023
I would give it a thousand stars! The process works! I needed it for coke not marijuana. Talked to a lovely lady named Hope on the phone and see told me what to do. I followed it step by step. Did a total of 15 washes and passed the hair test, clean as a whistle!

Jiminy Cricket
Posted onMarch 14, 2023
I have hair to my waist and my employer said they were going to test head to tip based on a “hunch”. I have been using gummies to sleep for years and knew that regardless of the reason I used them or that I have a card, this employer was on a witch hunt. I

Alyx (Pseudonym)
Posted onMarch 12, 2023

Thank you so much, honestly if you follow the process completely you will not fail this was literally a make me or break me situation and I came out shining. Thank you Macujo!

Posted onMarch 10, 2023

I passed the hair follicle test after just 4 washes! I was very pleased with my experience and they are super helpful over the phone!

Posted onMarch 9, 2023
I can’t believe this shampoo actually worked but it did. Great product! When used though make sure to get shampoo only on hair and scalp because it does dry out your skin from the formula. I used it on my armpits and head and they took sample from my armpit. Thank you so much for

Posted onMarch 9, 2023

This product is great I highly recommend this if you are trying to pass your hair follicle test I bought the black bottle and washed my hair I few times with the other product that you have to buy this shampoo 100% works wash your hair the day of your pass for sure.

Posted onMarch 8, 2023

awesome product did exactly what I needed great job for the creators of the mojuko hair wash very informative walk me through every step I made sure I passed I passed with flying colors!!!

Posted onMarch 7, 2023