Nail Test For Drugs – Important Tips to Avoid Nail Testing

Tips to avoid nail testing

Nail testing is becoming more common with hair follicle tests. For exp: If someone doesn’t have enough head hair or body hair to be tested, a nail test may be performed. Nail testing is almost never performed by itself; it is always used as a backup or confirmation with a hair test if your drug usage is still in doubt. It is best to be prepared for a nail test if you have a hair test coming up to make sure you aren’t taken by surprise if they try to test your nails along with your hair.

Keep Nails Very Short

The length required for a Nail Test is 2 to 3 cm.

So, keep your nails cut tight to the skin. Make sure the length is less than the thickness of a dime so they cannot be tested. in order for a nail test to be performed they need clippings from all 10 nails either toenails or fingernails. They cannot mix fingernails and toenails

  • Nail appearance

Nails will be tested when they have a “normal” appearance. For example, if your nails are visibly soiled with dirt or oil or you are wearing nail polish or fake nails, the nails will not be tested because of the presence of these other things.


Nail drug tests typically detect drugs after 2-4 weeks of using them. Therefore, one time use likely won’t show up because there won’t be enough of the substance to be detected in your nails. Use the above tips to get passed a nail drug test so you don’t risk failing. There is a detection time of drug use between 3-6 months for fingernails or upwards of 12 months for toenails for nail tests. Nail tests however, can’t determine exactly when the substances were used. When a nail test is performed, either the fingernails or the toenails will be tested, but not both during the same test.

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