Macujo Method Reviews

Last Updated on March 14, 2023

Can it Really Help You Pass a Drug Test?

Are you waiting for your options for ways to pass a hair follicle drug test? Does the Macujo Method really work? Check out these Macujo Method reviews.

So, you like to smoke a little weed from time to time.

Or maybe every night. Or every day, before and after work. 

Don’t worry, we’re not here to judge, we’re here to help. Chances are you’d like to keep your job, and a decent reputation. 

Despite the legalization of Marijuana in many states, a lot of companies still require drug tests before hiring, or at random. Even worse, they test your hair follicles rather than urine. 

As we said, we’re here to help. Which is why we recommend the Macujo method.

There are plenty of positive Macujo method reviews, so read on to discover what it is and how it can help you pass your next drug test.

What Can I Expect from a Drug Test? 

Drug tests are usually administered by a collection team in two ways: urine or hair follicles. Sometimes, both.

Hair follicle drug tests are used to detect drug use within the past 90 days. 90 days is typically how long most drugs stay in your hair for. This goes for everything from alcohol to nicotine to cocaine and LSD. 

90 days is also about how long it takes for your hair to grow at least 1.5 inches. This is exactly how much hair they need for testing. They will take about 120 strands of your hair and they will cut about a half-inch across get them.

If you shave your head prior to a hair follicle drug test, they may take hair from the armpit or chest. Or you will be let go automatically. 

Urine tests aren’t as accurate since most drugs cannot be detected this way past 30-60 days, depending on the drug. This test involves peeing into a designated, sterile cup either at home or in the office bathrooms. 

What is the Macujo Method?  

The Macujo method also referred to as the “Mac method” or the “Growman method”, is a multi-step hair cleaning procedure. Think of it as a hair cuticle detox.

During the process, three layers of your hair shaft are opened up beginning with the cuticle, allowing stored THC particles to escape.

Before diving into the Macujo method instruction, it should be noted that the Macujo method really only has success for marijuana users. 

What You Will Need for the Macujo Method:

There are a few crucial products that you’ll need to perform this method: 

  • Aloe Rid Detox Shampoo (the older version)
  • Heinz Distilled White Vinegar
  • Clean & Clear Acne Wash (the pink kind)
  • Tide Liquid Detergent
  • Zydot Ultra Clean Shampoo

Additional items that you’ll need are disposable gloves, a shower cap, goggles, and of course, a sink and towel. 

The Step-by-Step Macujo Method:

Follow these instructions carefully for the best results:

  1. Stop smoking weed as soon as you know that you are going to be tested. 
  2. Dampen the hair with warm water. Be thorough, but don’t soak it. You want your hair to absorb the treatment and it won’t do that if it’s fully saturated with water.
  3. Rub a generous amount of the Heinz vinegar through your hair from scalp to tip. Try to really work it in there and leave it. It may tingle a bit, but do not rinse!
  4. Massage the Clean & Clear into your hair well into the hair and scalp, right over the vinegar. You may want to protect your eyes at this point, so if you have goggles, put em’ on.
  5. Now it’s time to wrap your hair up in a shower cap for about 30-45 minutes to let your home-made “soaking solution” work.
  6. With the Aloe Rid shampoo, emphasis on the older formulation, wash out your “soaking solution”. You will most likely have to do this twice to ensure that the solution is completely washed out of your hair.
  7. Put your goggles back on, because this step requires you to wash your hair with the liquid Tide detergent. Scrub that scalp and hair good. Don’t forget to rinse!
  8. Now it’s time for one more wash, but with the Zydot Ultra Clean shampoo. This step is often overlooked, but it’s better to be safe than fired.

You’ll want to repeat these steps at least three times the day before your drug test, and then once more the morning of. 

Macujo Method Reviews –
So, can the Macujo method really help you pass a hair drug test?

The Macujo Method does have a high success rate when the steps are followed properly, but it does have it’s pros and cons:


  • Products are readily available in stores or online
  • Can be done at home
  • The old style Aloe Rid Detox Shampoo removes the chlorine, hard water minerals and chemicals
  • Substances (like THC) from your hair
  • Nobody has to know
  • It has a 90% and up success rate


  • Products may be a bit pricey, especially if you have to buy multiples of each
  • The process has to be done multiple times
  • There’s a small percentage that it won’t work
  • Did we mention you’ll have to stop smoking weed?

All in all, this is the most popular detox method used by marijuana smokers. It isn’t foolproof, but there is a science behind it. That science is based on the latest research on THC metabolites and how they get into your system—and hair. 

Of course, there are other factors involved. For example, if you are a heavy marijuana user or a light user. One of the best things you can do is read about people who have had positive results using this method—they’re all over social media, YouTube, and Reddit, sharing their success stories

Don’t Worry, You’ve Got This

Don’t let any poor Macujo Method reviews that you read online get in your way of passing your next drug test and keeping your job.

It’s not the prettiest thing to do to your head but it is a tried and true method.

If you’re looking to find all your Macujo Method products in one place or just more information on detoxing and drug tests, send us a message. We’re here to help.

One more time for the cheap seats: stay away from ALL forms of cannabis during this time!

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Samantha L Steele

1 year ago

I’m a 33 year old daily meth and oxy/fent user, I have a HFT on 4/11/23, do I have enough time to get my hair clean? Any suggestions with this time frame?

Macujo Method

1 year ago

please call us at 800-727-7123

Not right

2 years ago

Will the old style aloe toxin rid work cause thats what i bought from testcear an i have a hair follicle friday im a user of cocaine an fentanyl. I have been doing the method without the baking soda cause it wasnt on the instructions that i had found before this? Please help!!

Macujo Method

2 years ago

Please call mike at 866-647-7277 aloe toxin rid does not work but mike will give you the right advice.


2 years ago

Hello, I’ve been a meth user daily for about a year. I have a hair follicle test in 2 days. I bought your kit plus all the other ingredients from the local store. Is it possible to pass on such a short notice? I just did the bleach and the re die. Also I have apple cider vinegar will that work or do I need to get white vinegar? Thank you!!

Macujo Method

2 years ago

apple cider vinegar or white vinegar will work as long as it is 5% acidity

Mikes Macujo Method

3 years ago

Yes, Our Mike’s Macujo Method works for all drugs


3 years ago

I forgot to add that I have very long hair. Also i used 3 bottles of the clean an clear and i used 2 boxes of the backing soda.

Monica Lynn Ash

3 years ago

How many times did you wash…
Curious what was the D.O.C. MINE IS METH and MARIJUANA. Im a chronic user and have been for 20 yrs. Started at 12 for THC and 15 for meth


3 years ago

I have a hair test coming up next Friday. I am a moderate smoker and I been using cocain in the last 2 months.. will this method work for me I just ordered the kit..


3 years ago

My husband was a heavy thc user and stopped 2 weeks ago I have treated his hair 7 times so far . His test is on Monday Jan 4th 2021 I got a beach and re dye kit so when should I bleach and re dye his hair? The night before the test? With a morning treatment and zydot after?


4 years ago

I have been clean for over 30 days but I’m still failing a self given piss test. Damn thoes sweet sticky icky pens! Will the Macujo method still work even though my urine is still dirty?


4 years ago

It works for etg (alcohol) too!!
I bought it earlier this year and used it but ended up not needing it. I diluted what i had left last month when i was informed i would be tested for etg…. I followed instruction to a tee and passed !!!!


4 years ago

I have a drug text today. The last time I ate a edible was May 31, 2020 then again on sep 4th 2020 I don’t smoke or eat edibles on a day today basis every blue moon. I been drinking lots of fluid and I washed my hair twice yesterday I didn’t have all the ingredients but I used tsel, detox vinegar, and xpulsion to wash my hair I know this not the original Ingredients but is there a chance I will pass ??? Should I wash it some more ????


4 years ago

10 MC treatments, 20 Aloe Rid Shampoos I’m 6 Days, how are my odds on passing a HFT for THC . Abstinent for two weeks. Took test this morning after using Z Dot toxin rid as final treatment


4 years ago

I smoke PCP and I need to know will your Macujo method help me pass a hair follicle test?

brandon P

4 years ago

What do you think about working out while doing this will this leave toxins in your hair from sweat? Or will the process clean that out as well?

Mike's Macujo Method

4 years ago

when you have a hair test coming up, the primary goal is the pass the test and the rest comes next. Try not to involve too much of workouts


4 years ago

Hi! Is it okay to condition the tips of my hair as long as I leave the scalp untouched? My hair is on the finer and thinner side and is causing some breakage and tangling from the treatment. I know you say to wait 4 hours but if it’s just below the ears is it ok?

Rob T

4 years ago

Once someone has completed the process and no longer indulges. Is there any chance of testing positive in the future or I’d the process permanent?

Mikes Macujo Method

4 years ago

This method is permanent


4 years ago

Hey I’m a regular smoker. Probably 1/8 or more a week for the last year. I have a hair test coming up in the first week of March. Is there any hope that the macujo method would work with this late of notice?

Mikes Macujo Method

4 years ago

Yes, mikes method will work on your case.. make sure you do “Mikes Macujo Method”

Kenge L Norris

4 years ago

I’m a black man with really short hair. Do I really need to do so many wash cycles.
Also do I need to do my pubic hairs too.

Mikes Macujo Method

4 years ago

Yes, You may have to do a certain amount of washes based on your usage and type of drug. Pubic hair not necessary.


4 years ago

Can I dye my hair along with this method and if So I was told to dye my hair before using the final detox shampoo should I dye it before or after?

Mikes Macujo Method

4 years ago

You can dye it after

Curtis Lowe

4 years ago

Hello, I’m a very light smoker. I’ve smoked maybe 7 times (usually just one hit a week and I only take one hit of a pen when I do, occasionally a joint or bowl) since Thanksgiving of last year and the last time I took a hit was end of Dec/first week of Jan. Can’t recall exactly. I’m due for a hair follicle test on February 10th. I was thinking of going in and hoping for the best, but I can’t afford to lose this job. It looks like I should do the Macujo Method just time be safe. Since I’m a very light user, how often do I need to repeat the Macujo Method? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Mikes Macujo Method

4 years ago

You must do minimum 6 washes of Mikes macujo method. Use the original Nexxus Aloe rid shampoo and the other components as instructed on the site. Maximum 3 washes a day is recommended. Since you have time for 6 washes, you can manage it. Feel free to call us if you have any questions!

Curtis Lowe

4 years ago

Awesome! I appreciate the response. I was hoping since I haven’t smoked much, I would have a chance at passing but I can’t risk it at all. I figured if I get the Aloe Rid before the weekend, I can wash it everyday for a week before my drug screen.

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