How to Pass A Hair Drug Test Every Single Time

how to pass a hair drug test

Yes, many want to learn how to pass a hair drug test but don’t really know what a hair drug test does. Well, here’s what it does. It discovers the different drugs that are inside the sebaceous follicle and the medicine prescribed that one has misused.

This has to be done by a professional who takes a strand of hair and takes to the laboratory.

Some other tests can be done like urine testing and blood testing. The reason they are rarely used is that they only have detection for drugs used within a short period while hair drug test can detect up to like three months before.

The hair drug test takes about three months. You may be required to do a hair drug test by your employer, hospitals, some transportation industries, defense companies, aviation companies, and even schools.

It is always done because it is easier to determine a drug user more accurately than other tests. It can detect any drug, including cannabis, cocaine, heroin, and many others.

How to Pass a Hair Drug Test

You have come to the right place if you want to learn how to pass a hair drug test swiftly. Here are some tips for you.

1. Clean Hair and blood Using Natural Methods

Drugs like cannabis are transferred to the hair via the bloodstream. The best thing you can do is to clean blood, which enables the signs of the drug not to be seen in thirty days. When the drug test is done, you will have hair samples without any symptoms of drugs.

2. Get Rid of Your Hair

This is a hard choice, especially for ladies. It might be a hard decision, but once you shave all your hair, including body hair, then there won’t be any hair to be tested.

You can use a blade. If you decide to go on with this, then you have to know that many professionals know that many people do this to avoid the test so they might make you lose the test.

3. Right Diet

To pass this test, you need to start taking the right diet and supplements with herbs. Some vitamins aid in the release of histamines that make the cells to widen hence releasing the drug fragments in the blood. You can also have a lot of water; this releases the toxin through sweating.

4. Temporary Cleaning of Hair

If you do not have enough time, you can use shampoos for detoxifying on your hair. This type of shampoos scrap of the lots of oils in the scalp. This shampoo can be used like ten days before the hair drug test.

Some detoxifying shampoos you can use include, Zydot, and Nexxus. You give the shampoo time to settle in your hair like four minutes, thoroughly wash the scalp then wash the shampoo off.

5. Make a Home Ointment

You can always find cheap stuff to use for ointments in the shop. Some things you can use is vinegar, soap, salt, and many others. This can always be found at home.

Such mixtures can be used instead of the shampoo. There are a lot of methods you can use, but here is a sufficient one:

  • Saturate your hair using vinegar and give it time to settle around ten minutes.
  • Put some treatment in your hair.
  • Make a foam with some soap most preferably liquid or powder.
  • Do some rinsing on the hair, and you can do these steps all over again.

6. Stop the Intake of Drugs

Getting through the test, you can decide to stop with the intake of drugs. Stop smoking for three months. This can help you pass the hair drug test.

7. Avoiding People Who Intake Drugs

This is quite weird but better than not losing your job. Current research shows that if you get into contact with someone who smokes or get into contact with the marijuana plant itself, then it can be found when the test is done on your hair.

Let us hope that in the future, simplified tests can determine whether you were taking the drug or you are just a passive one.

8. Get to Know Your Hair

During the hair drug test, only a small piece of which is got behind the head. Long hair will give a much-detailed result, for example, if you used drugs one year ago, it would show. The test also, according to the drug, might be unable to verify if you stopped using the drug or not.

Some tests can make an approximation on when you stopped using the drug. Most of the time, the hair drug test misses the current usage of drugs.

9. Be Informed on The Test Dates

You should be fully aware of when you are scheduled to get the test done. This gives you time to organize yourself and get to know what you should in that period to pass the test.

Most companies do it just before hiring someone. If you know you are interviewing for a job that requires a hair drug test, then you should prepare yourself like three months before the interview. Before applying, you should confirm if they do hair drug tests or not because this will help you with the preparation.

10. Know Which Drugs Are Not Tested

Get to know that even if there is a hair drug test, which drugs are no being tested. This does not mean that they can’t be detected, but they are just not tested for. Some drugs that are not tested include inhalants, Mescaline, Peyote, Anabolic Steroids, Hallucinogens, and Hydrocodone.

The Bottom Line

The hair drug test has, for a long time, remained the most accurate test for drugs in the system. This type of tests makes people lose their jobs and others, not each where they dream to. If you don’t want to fail in the hair drug test, just keep it healthy and if that is super hard, then follow these points of how to pass a hair drug test.

Did you get something from this? If you did then leave a comment below and for those who have questions, you can ask in the comment section or visit our blog for more interesting information.

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