How to Destroy Metabolites in Hair

Last Updated on June 14, 2024

Drug Metabolites in your Blood Stream

Drug users often want to remove metabolites from their hair because failing drug tests can be detrimental for employment opportunities and other legal reasons.

Hair drug tests can track drug use from up to 90 days before and the metabolites in the hair are what will show your habits of drug use. Employers are more frequently looking to track habitual drug use of their future and current employees, so hair tests are a common occurrence when it comes to drug testing.


To know how to successfully remove the metabolites in your hair, you must first truly understand what a metabolite is and how it works. This will allow you to know what options are available to help you effectively destroy the metabolites in your hair follicles.

Below we will take a look at what a metabolite is and how they get into your hair, as well as what method is guaranteed to get your hair completely clean to beat a drug test.


What are metabolites?

Metabolites happen as a result of the body breaking down drugs and turning them into other substances. Because they occur after your body metabolizes a drug, metabolites are not present in the actual drug itself.

Drugs, sometimes referred to as parent drugs, will be converted into various metabolites that can be either active or inactive.


  • Inactive drug metabolites

    are when they do not produce any continued therapeutic effect in the body.


  • Active drug metabolites

    occur when the metabolized drug continues to create effects in the body after it has been broken down. These effects are often similar to the effects of the drug in its original form and, although the metabolites’ effects are generally weaker, they can still be major.


Drug metabolite examples:


  • Marijuana (THC) is metabolized into 11-Hydroxy-Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol (11-OH-THC), which is the active metabolite.
  • Heroin is metabolized to become 6-MAM and then metabolized further into Morphine.
  • Cocaine is altered and becomes several inactive metabolites, but the main one is benzoylecgonine

One thing to remember is that drugs can cause different reactions between users based on various factors. While everyone is different in some aspects of drug use and reactions, what does not change between people is the way the drugs are metabolized in the body.

This is important to note because it is the basis for drug testing. Since the process of a drug metabolizing is the same for everyone, when drug metabolites are detected in the system, it is a reliable indication that the actual drug itself was used.


How do drug metabolites get into your hair?

Once the drugs are ingested, they move through the liver and are then circulated throughout the bloodstream. The metabolites get transported into the hair follicles all over the body. The metabolites become embedded into the hair and can then become detectable on hair follicle drug tests.


How to destroy metabolites in your hair

To get drug toxins out of your hair follicles, more people have passed hair follicle testing with the help of strong detox products and methods. These types of products should be formulated with ingredients that are able to completely clean the layers of your hair, both inside and outside. Hair detox shampoo products are widely available to help with the task of toxin removal. Use of a hair detox method is also recommended as these provide a guideline of how to properly use the shampoo products


Like the Original Nexxus Aloe Rid or The Macujo Aloe Rid Shampoo to help pass hair tests.

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What is etg?

Ethyl Glucuronide (etg) is a metabolite that occurs from exposure to ethanol. This metabolite is used as a marker to indicate that you have had alcohol in your system.


How to remove ETG from hair follicle

To completely wash etg out of your hair, you need to use an effective hair detoxifying shampoo. A regular shampoo is still not strong enough to remove etg from hair and will cause you to fail a drug test. It is also best to follow a method for hair drug detoxing with the shampoo to help you pass the hair test.


How much alcohol does it take to test positive for EtG?

Like other substances, the amount of alcohol you consumed and the timing of it in comparison to the drug test, all have an impact on whether it will be detected.


  • High EtG levels

If the level of alcohol detected on a drug test is high, for example 1000 ng/mL, then this can mean that you drank very heavily the day before the test or even just drank a small amount of alcohol on the day of the test.


  • Low EtG levels

For low levels of detection, 500ng/mL up to 1000ng/ML, this can indicate that you drank heavily in the last 72 hours or that you drank a light amount of alcohol in the last 24 hours. These lower levels may also be detected if you had a recent large exposure to products that contained alcohol like mouthwash, hand sanitizer, or foods prepared with alcohol.




Hair detox methods – what doesn’t work

People have tried dozens of different methods to try and get rid of the drug toxins in their hair. Anything from naturally detoxing the body, to bleaching the hair, to using older methods that were created before there were so many different types of drugs, methods like these are out of date and/or not strong enough to help most of the users in the present day.

For example, just bleaching your hair removes less than 50% of the metabolites that are in the hair follicles. With any toxins remaining in the hair, you are going to fail the hair drug test and have to face the consequences of that.


Mike’s Macujo Method – only proven successful method

Although there are these various methods available to try and remove the drugs from your hair, from searching through reviews online, the most users reported to have had success with mike’s Macujo method. Overall, reviewers said this method provides clear instructions and uses products that worked to ultimately help them pass their drug tests.


Based on the reviews of several other methods, mikes macujo method is the top choice because it is the only successful method that helps to totally remove drug metabolites from hair. It is also the only method that works for all types of drug users. This is an important factor to consider when trying to get your hair clean for a drug test. Because Mikes Macujo method is designed to work against all types of drugs and work no matter how heavily drugs were used, it is a more widely used method in the industry.


For the Mike’s Macujo method, there is a nine step cleaning process to be followed that uses specific detox shampoos and actions. When using the macujo method, you must use the strongest shampoos available. The Original Nexxus Aloe Rid Shampoo and the Macujo Aloe Rid Shampoo are the two options to be used so that you can properly perform the method.

These hair detox shampoos are the two most effective ones at destroying drug metabolites in the hair because of their potent formulas. Standing out above other detox shampoos, these two are permanent options to removing drug toxins within the hair and have been found to help thousands of drug users successfully pass hair follicle drug tests.


The series of Macujo Method steps can be repeated in the same order multiple times to get the hair clean. Users’ reviews showed the use of the Original Nexxus Aloe Rid Shampoo and the Macujo Aloe Rid Shampoo was very effective with this method because of how well-made and potent these two shampoos are.

This hair detox method is thorough and works to destroy the metabolites in an efficient way. Your specific drug use situation matters because it will determine how many times you need to repeat this process. Another helpful piece to the mike’s Macujo method is that you can easily find detailed information on how many times it is recommended that you repeat this process depending on the drugs you used and the amount of them in which you used.

By following the steps of the process as directed, you can be guaranteed Mike’s Macujo Method will work. Something that helps boost confidence among users is a money-back guarantee. The creators of this method guarantee this process will work if you follow the recommendations, so there is a money-back guarantee available if the products and process were done correctly and users did not have a favorable outcome at their drug test after using it.


Watch out for fake products 

Unfortunately, not all companies care about the quality of their products or actually helping people pass drug tests. Sometimes, it is all about the profit for these companies that are out there selling fake products to consumers.



Despite this, there are ways to ensure the products you are purchasing are legitimate. It is recommended that you make sure you buy your drug detox for hair products from reputable companies directly. Buying directly from a trustworthy company can help to avoid confusion about the products and also gives you a reputable resource to use if you have issues with the products.


Several companies claim to offer genuine hair detox shampoos that will help users pass drug tests however, this is not always true. Some of the products available on the market today are cheaply made knock-offs and their companies are unreliable and not transparent with their production methods or quality standards. Companies sometimes refill bottles with unknown shampoo products and sell them as if they were originals.


The industry of hair detoxification has evolved greatly over the years and some companies have not been able to keep up with the changes for various reasons. Methods and products that once worked for users are now outdated and no longer work to help people pass hair follicle drug tests.

With the rapid changes occurring with drugs and their various forms and types, in addition to the changes of hair drug testing itself, it is beneficial to keep yourself up-to-date with what is going on in the industry.


In order to pass a drug test for hair, drug metabolites and need to be removed or destroyed so that they are not detected during the test. Metabolite destruction is when the metabolites from drugs are demolished from your system.

When it comes to destroying the metabolites from drugs in hair, it is possible, although this process can be a tough one. It is often necessary to use a strong detoxifying method and products to make sure the hair is clean from drugs. Because metabolites bind to the hair follicles, this causes them to become embedded and can make them very difficult to remove.



Closing Thoughts

Do your best to stay informed with what products and methods are currently effective for drug users. With hair detox shampoos like the Original Nexxus Aloe Rid Shampoo and the Macujo Aloe Rid Shampoo, you can find lots of reviews that detail the success users have had with them.

Mikes Macujo method reviews also give details about how the method works and personal stories about passing hair drug tests because of using it.

Drug toxins are carried through your bloodstream and into the hair on your head. Metabolites also make their way into the body hair in this same way. While all drugs can become embedded in the hair, some of them are more difficult than others to remove.

It will be helpful for you to have experts in the hair detox industry available to help answer any questions you may have regarding the drugs you used and how to properly use the methods to get rid of the metabolites from your hair.

Knowing the challenge that drug metabolites can make for users, it is essential to give yourself the best possible chance at passing a hair test by using your resources that have been proven to be effective.

This requires dedication to the method and using the above mentioned products as directed. It will take some work to get rid of the toxins in your hair, but that work will be worth the effort when you get a pass on your hair follicle test.



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