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Pass a Hair Follicle Drug Test: 7 Common Myths You Need to Know

Do you need to take a hair follicle drug test as a condition of your bail or to earn visitation rights of your kids? Is your work asking you to take the test, or are you thinking of making it a condition for your ex to see their children?

There are numerous rumors floating around the Internet, and via word of mouth, discussing how to beat the tests and about the tests themselves.

In this blog post, we’ll analyze some of the most common falsehoods and debunk them so you can order the test with peace of mind.

Keep in mind that the Macujo method is the only way to pass a hair follicle drug test.

Read on for more.

1. You Can “Beat” a Drug Test By Eating Certain Foods

There are lots of urban legends and rumors about drug tests and how you can “pass” them, even if you’re taking drugs. There are lots of strategies that “guarantee” that you can pass a test if you just do something simple or eat a strange concoction.

However, this isn’t the case. Drug tests are fairly accurate these days, and they can catch you pretty easily. Don’t risk getting tossed back in jail or losing your kids because you used drugs and tried some online method to “pass” the test.

The best way to pass a drug test is to do it honestly: by not taking drugs.

2. I Can Pass a Hair Follicle Drug Test By Shaving My Head

Ah, another one of those urban legends that hasn’t seemed to die the way it should have.

There’s a pervasive myth that one can pass a hair follicle test by simply shaving their head. Without hair, they reason, they are no hair follicles to test. Eh, voila, a passed drug test.

Not so fast, there.

Your head is not the only place that hair grows. Therefore, they can, and will, take hairs from other parts of your body to satisfy the requirement. And, if they can’t get an accurate screening from your body hair, most courts will then use a substitute.

Don’t shave your locks. Save them, and skip the drugs or use the Macujo method to rid your hair of traces of the drugs that can be picked up via hair follicle drug testing. 

3. False Positives Occur Often

Sometimes false positives do occur. They can be accredited to things like poppyseeds and prescription drugs, so it’s important to let the person administering the test if you take medication or have had poppyseed in the last few weeks.

If they know this from the get-go, they can then re-evaluate the drug test if there is a positive. Many drug testing companies use medical reviewers and examiners to double-check positive results so that you don’t get in trouble for something you didn’t do.

Therefore, if you’ve been court-ordered to take a test, don’t worry too much about it if you’re not taking drugs or have used the Macujo method. You’ll most likely be fine. In the event you’re not, you can speak with those who issued to the test, and they’ll work hard to get to the bottom of it.

4. Second-Hand THC Smoke Can Give False Positives

This is one of those grey areas. Sometimes, it can appear on your test, but it won’t be as strong as it would be if you were smoking it. To avoid a quibble about it later, you should stay away from people who are smoking THC marijuana so that you don’t run into this scenario. Or, you can use the Macujo method to remove the THC. It is the only shampoo that can actually get evidence out of your hair so that it isn’t detected on your test.

5. You Can “Wash” the Drugs Out of Your Hair

There is no way to wash most evidence of drug use out of your hair. The hair follicle test will show when and if you’ve consumed drugs no matter what crazy tonic you put on it. The Macujo Method, however, has a strong rate of success with all types of drugs, including THC, cocaine and others you may put in your body. 

In order to undergo the Macujo Method successfully, you’ll need to complete the entire process, not just wash your hair. However, the shampoo is an integral part of it. 

6. You Won’t Pass If You’ve Used Drugs in the Past

It is true that hair follicle tests can show past drug use from before the panel was ordered. For example, if you have really long hair and you’ve been arrested for drug charges in the past, the test can still “see” that you’ve used these drugs.

But that doesn’t mean you won’t pass the drug test. Your hair grows at a steady rate of about 1.5 inches per every three months. Therefore, the law enforcement and drug testing agency will only be interested in the 1.5 inches of hair closest to your scalp.

They may know that you’ve done drugs previously due to your past charges. Those won’t count if they’re detected past the hair that’s closest to the root.

Bottom line: don’t sweat it if you’re a past drug user who has been clean if the past few months. Your good behavior will go not go unnoticed!

7. Can the Hair Follicle Test Work If I Don’t Use Drugs Often?

Yes. The hair follicle test can see if you use drugs at any point in time.

Passing a Hair Follicle Drug Test

You can pass a hair follicle drug test with one simple solution: keeping clean from most drugs and staying away from them.

But if you’ve decided to have a little fun in the past few months, and you’ve got a test coming up, order our shampoo today!

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23 thoughts on “Pass a Hair Follicle Drug Test: 7 Common Myths You Need to Know”

  1. If you used drugs 2 weeks ago. And you have an hair follicle drug test in January is there a chance I can pass. What do I need to do

  2. Stephens Jenkins

    I’ve used drugs meth 4 weeks ago and in 2 weeks I have to have a hair follicle test done for pre employment will I be able to pass the test?

  3. I’ve been clean for a couple of years. This past weekend, though, I was with some family and smoked a couple blunts with them – even snorted a couple of lines. All of a sudden I have to do a hair follicle now and six months from now. Should I be worried?

    1. you need to be worried now , it will take about 5 days for last usage to grow out so if test is less then 5 days you will be ok if test is more then 5 days away you must stall test so you can wash your head doing Mikes Macujo Method with Original Nexxus Aloe Rid

  4. will this work if i smoke methamphetamine , or amphetamime i somke like 3 week ago from now will i pass my hair drug test

    1. No use sea salt apple cider vinegar and baking soda… Mix 2 cups of baking soda 1 cup of apple cider vinegar an 1 cup of sea salt .. Then put in hair leave in for 30 mins before testing. Wash out with 1 cup of vinegar then shampoo as usual.. Hair will be detoxed

    2. No you have to bleach it. Yoy might have to use a powder bleach and a developer a bleach powder from Sally’s Beauty Supply and developer I used the 30 developer and bleach powder you have to bleach your whole hair you got to keep that s*** on there until like it hurts to the point it stops hurting and then you brexit wash your hair and then you always got to go back and dye your hair over that bleach because they will not do the hair follicle test if they think you bleach your hair it’s works for me about 10 times now

  5. I haven’t been smoking in the past 100 day and I have Ben useing the old style shampoo for 2 week and I still haven’t use the ultra clean shampoo yet but my test isn’t tell next month do u think I’ll pass the hair follicle

  6. Would I be able to pass a hair follicle test if I only took a 3 or 4 hits from a blunt a month before my test if I don’t use this method?

  7. my boyfriend has been clean 7 days but the last new months has has taken Adderall, Molly, and Coke atleast once a week if not more. Would this method work for him? How long would it take to get him armpit hairs clean?

  8. I used on December 22, 23, 24 & 25th. I consumed about 11 opiate pills though that time. Then got popped with a hair follicle on the 30th. But I did use the nexus aloe rid, and the zydot before going to take the test. Will I pass?

  9. I used on Dec. 22, 23, 24, & 25th. A total of 11 oxycodone pills. Then got popped with a hair follicle on the 30th. I used the nexus aloe rid, and the zydot ultra clean before my test. Will I pass?

  10. If I have been clean from weed for 85 days , but took a few adderall, and zany bars in November, and it is now January ,and shaved everything off then it grew back I should be OK right????

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