Can You Really Cheat a Drug Test?

Last Updated on March 14, 2023

Hair follicle drug testing has become the most commonly used type of drug test by many companies. Why? Hair tests are very accurate, samples of the hair are taken in plain view so the tests are difficult to tamper with on the spot, and they can provide a look into drug use for the past 90 days.

Often a hair follicle drug test court ordered is assigned because these kinds of tests make identifying drug users more easily done for legal purposes.

Since drug testing on hair has become so common, the amount of products available to help users try and pass those tests has also increased. For example, there are lots of drug detox shampoo options, hair follicle drug test kits, and various methods that can be used to try and pass hair drug test requirements.

Some available methods suggest how to do a hair detox by bleaching or dyeing your hair, while others recommend shaving the hair to help delay the testing. But with all of these products and methods out there, can you really cheat on a hair strand test for drugs and alcohol?

How do hair tests work?

Drug hair testing involves testing strands closest to the scalp and letting the hair soak in chemicals to open up the follicles to test the inside layers of your hair strands. The hair gets soaked to remove masking agents, or anything that may be on your hair to try and cover up the drug residue.

Drugs travel through your body by your bloodstream and then they continue their journey into your hair. Drug metabolites then become embedded in your hair, meaning they stay in the inner strands of your hair as it grows. With a 1.5 inch hair sample taken for a drug test, drug use may be able to be detected for up to 90 days.

Misunderstandings about hair detox products

There is a lot of confusion when it comes to how to detox from drugs at home before hair tests. Many of the detox shampoos and other products available only help to clean the outer layers of your hair, so this is why they will not adequately remove the drugs from your hair and you will fail a drug test at work.

When comparing the accuracy of hair testing and several of the detox methods and products available, it seems highly unlikely for you to pass a drug test on hair.

Always keep in mind that, hair drug tests are common, despite being expensive and invasive, and are very precise. If you have an upcoming drug test and want to know how to remove drug metabolites from hair effectively, Mike’s Macujo Method reviews mention success for thousands of drug users in passing hair tests.

Mike’s Macujo Method success rate is rated at approximately 99%, which is a sign that there can be ways to help you get around drug testing on your hair if you use cleansing shampoo methods that are potent enough.

pass a hair follicle drug test with mike's macujo method

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3 years ago

It works! I washed 5 times . Bleached hair twice. Smoked marijuana everyday in past 90 days. Did meth 3 different tin 90 days plus took zanbars everyday until day of test and passed for every! Did not use zydote at all and passed for everything! It was for a serious issue if I failed and by the grace of God I passed

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