How to pass a hair follicle drug test in 2023

 What is Hair Follicle Drug Testing? Is there a way to pass the Hair Follicle Drug Test? What can cause a false positive hair test? Best…

Passing a Hair Follicle Drug Test with Dreadlocks

Are you worried about passing a drug hair test if you have dreadlocks? Mike’s Macujo Method is the method for you since it works on all ha…

How to pass a Crack-cocaine hair drug test with ease

Passing a hair drug test is an uphill task for people who use drugs like Rock(cocaine). These people are always looking out for easy ways of…
shampoo to pass a hair follicle test

What’s the Best Shampoo to Pass a Hair Follicle Test?

Did you know that in 2017 researchers conducted over 10 million drug tests in various workplaces in the U.S.? There are many types of…
hair follicle drug test

Pass a Hair Follicle Drug Test: 7 Common Myths You Need to Know

Do you need to take a hair follicle drug test as a condition of your bail or to earn visitation rights of your kids? Is your work asking you…

Can You Really Cheat a Drug Test?

Hair follicle drug testing has become the most commonly used type of drug test by many companies. Why? Hair tests are very accurate, samples…
macujo method

What is the Macujo Method?: Your Complete Guide

Approximately two-thirds of American Companies drug test their employee’s. There are three main methods of collecting for drug tests. …
how to pass a hair drug test

How to Pass A Hair Drug Test Every Single Time

Yes, many want to learn how to pass a hair drug test but don’t really know what a hair drug test does. Well, here’s what it does. It dis…

Macujo Method Reviews

LEAVE US A REVIEW! Can it Really Help You Pass a Drug Test? Are you waiting for your options for ways to pass a hair…


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