My name is Mike Macujo

I will explain the difference between

Nexxus Aloe Rid and The Macujo Aloe Rid Shampoo.

Customers frequently ask me: which shampoo is better? Nexxus or macujo aloe rid?

Here is my answer: Nexxus discontinued their Aloe Rid Shampoo years ago because they did not want to be associated with a process to pass a hair drug test.

Luckily, we had purchased over 8000 bottles before it was discontinued. In 2019 we contracted the formulation company that made the Aloe rid shampoo for Nexxus and now they make the same exact shampoo for us (

But now, we’re down to our last 100 bottles of the Nexxus aloe rid shampoo and it is only expensive due to its low availability and Not because it is better in any way.

We actually raised the price on Nexxus to incentivize customers to choose our Macujo Aloe Rid Shampoo instead.

Why is macujo aloe rid better?

1) Macujo aloe rid has the same formulation as the original Nexxus aloe rid and we increased propylene glycol to make it stronger.

2) we made macujo aloe rid larger now 1 bottle will be good for over 20 mike macujo washes

3)macujo aloe rid is almost $100 cheaper

4) Macujo aloe rid shampoo is the only shampoo that will permanently remove all toxins from your hair when used with Mikes macujo method to pass hair follicle drug test

5) OUR GUARANTEE, if you fail using macujo aloe rid and have proof of failure we will refund you money excluding the shipping fee.

This guarantee is ONLY available if purchased though, any other marketplace like Amazon and eBay will not have the guarantee due to their policies.


Our Advantages over amazon:

  • Our price is lower than Amazon, why make Jeff Bezos Richer.
  • Amazon will charge sales Tax. We only charge sales tax if it’s delivered to NY
  • We ship all orders the same day if ordered before 4:30PM eastern time
  • AMAZON only advantage: they deliver on Sunday so if you need Sunday use amazon

This is why is your best choice


Thank you

Mike Macujo