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Let me first start off by saying the mike’s macujo method works. I was asked to do a hair follicle test on for friday and i was told wends. I immediately bought the zydot and the macujo aloe rid shampoo. I got them to move the test to monday morning.


Background, I used fentanyl/heroin/weed almost everyday moderate to heavy user just sniffed the drugs and smoked the weed. since i started the job about 9 months right up until the test the day they say not to use before the test but i figured anything that i would do wouldn’t be in my hair until 7-10 days anyway, so my goal was to remove whatever was in my hair from the past 90 days. My hair was about 2 inches long so i cut it down to about a half inch thursday night when my macujo aloe rid shampoo arrived. I began washing as many times as i could following the method. I also bleached my hair 1 time and colored but i could only have it on for about 10 minutes because it was burning my scalp. I did that saturday.


This method will burn if you do too many washes to close together but i had no choice. i got in about 3-4 washes a day with destroying my scalp. I did about 12 washed total they wanted me to do 15 The morning of i did a wash and the. did the zydot shampoo twice because there is a lot in the packet. I also shave my entire body and said my gf doesn’t like hair. I also clipped all my fingernails very short. When i got to the drug test location he said my hair was to short and asked for body hair.


I said i don’t have any he called my boss and asked if they wanted to wait because if it was to short the lab might not be able to test and i’ll just have a retake. We ended up doing the test it’s now been 2 full weeks and i have not heard anything and i’m pretty certain I passed I’m not fired and i definitely would have been. So i did drugs the day until the test but i also did a little bit less which may have been a factor but i was doing hard drugs and it worked. I twisted my hair as well when i washed it and tried not to scrub but to actually wash the strands of hair. Follow it to a T and use common sense and you will pass. Saved my job thank you.

Posted onJune 23, 2023