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This method worked phenomenal!! All you have to do is be dedicated!! I started my new job this past Monday & couldn’t be more thankful!!! I was a daily user & did the process 7-9 times & passed!! Couldn’t be more grateful for your method, despite the amount of money i spent lol

Posted onApril 20, 2022

Everything work exactly like mike told me it would, I would highly recommend this product. Make sure when using to follow every step that mike has made for this product or I can’t say that your results will be the same as mine!

Posted onApril 9, 2022

I was a moderate to heavy MJ smoke and edible user. I quit for about 22 days, but still passed the hair follicle test using Mikes Macujo method and shampoo. My ears and scalp peeled like from a horrible sunburn, as I did it every day for 2 weeks, but it was worth it for

Posted onApril 7, 2022

Y’all!!!!!! OMG a million thank you’s to Mr. Mike! This will be a lengthy review, OVERVIEW- Meth User ~1/2 g daily, cocaine ~1/2 g (one-time less than 7 days before test), late 30s female, squishy (a few extra lbs over ideal weight), everyday bleach blonde (every 4-6 weeks or so but was last done maybe

Just A Mom Running Late
Posted onApril 6, 2022

Man Mike the owner is a stand up man….. very professional, very polite, takes time to hear you out and gives you the breakdown on how and what you have to do to come out on top, not only that he’s always available for questions or anything his customers need, I highly recommend his product!

Cain Suarez
Posted onApril 4, 2022

Ok, so I definitely would recommend this product to anyone trying to pass a DCF hair follicle test. Mike was super helpful, and although I did not pass for the methamphetamine, not due to the system itself, I did not test positive for high amounts. I was a daily and heavy user of both amphetamine

Posted onApril 4, 2022

Using Mike’s Macujo Cocaine Method/
Here we go, a week ago I use to smoke weed almost everyday.
Since January I’ve used speed, about a gram.
Terrible mix I know.
I bought the Macujo shampoo and clarifying box thing ($185), this process IS PAINFUL.(I suggest using vaseline to protect face and

Nobody’s business
Posted onApril 3, 2022

I PASSED!!! Thanks Mike for the phone consultation. My hair follicle test came back all clear. what a relief!

Posted onApril 1, 2022

It worked! I followed the directions exactly and did the process 5 times over the course of 4 days. Passed my hair test for marijuana and nicotine. I’m a mild user of both and had stopped two weeks prior to test. Really grateful this worked. Thanks Mike.

Posted onMarch 31, 2022

Just wanted to see if things were real reviews bought the product hopes it and I hope it’s going to work

Posted onMarch 29, 2022

Worth the expense. I followed directions and had great results! Thank you Mike!

Posted onMarch 26, 2022

I passed my hair follicle test with flying colors. I just followed the directions to the letter. The only extra thing I did was bleach my hair twice.

Posted onMarch 28, 2022

Followed the procedure and passed my Hair test. I was an everyday smoker for years and had about 2 months notice till my test. I abstained and detoxed. I keep my hair short by the way but still.. the test came back negative. If I didn’t use the method and the Zydot it definitely would

Posted onMarch 23, 2022

Worked like a charm! Just follow the instructions to a T and you’ll have no issues.

Posted onMarch 23, 2022

After being ripped off by test clear I found this site and called and talked to mike and ordered nexus , did exactly what he said and passed. Thank you 🙏

Rather not say
Posted onMarch 23, 2022

First of all. Thank you Mike for helping me for the third time. I followed Mike’s directions, just in case I’ve made 2 extra washes , did the Zyodt right before the test, and I passed. I cannot thank you enough. I wish I could hug you 🙂🙂🙂 You should call yourself a lifesaver. Thanks

Happy customer
Posted onMarch 23, 2022

Worked great! I was negative for all substances!

Posted onMarch 21, 2022

I live by reviews. This review is for my daughter. she smoked about a month ago, work called for a test last week. She told me she was going to do this method, I told her she was out of her mind. Fast forward, she passed.

Posted onMarch 14, 2022

I don’t give reviews, but for Mike I will!! The method works!! Follow the instructions and talk to Mike and you will pass!! I called Mike twice and he took my call both times. Mike knows what he’s talking about! This my first review ever! I did what mike said and passed,even I was freaking

Posted onMarch 12, 2022

Casual smoker that stopped 45 days before test. Bought the Macujo method and did about 6 full washes over the course of the final week. Day of used the Zydot pack that came with it and passed the test. Even though process was time consuming I would recommend to anyone!

Posted onMarch 12, 2022