How To Stay Drug Free After Starting A Job That Requires Drug Testing

Last Updated on March 15, 2023

Although some drugs are now legalized in certain states for medical use or recreational use, they can still be deemed a health and safety hazard from the point of view of an employer.

For industries that require the operation of heavy machinery, firearms or aircraft, or need the employee to administer medical care or prepare food, employers may still conduct random drugs testing to determine that their employees are not under the influence. This is to ensure that their employees, customers and patients are safe and maintain their standards in case an accident occurs where they may still be held liable.

For this reason, if you have a job that requires drug testing, it’s essential that you stay clean and drug free.

How Will I Know that My Employer Performs Drug Tests?

Most drug tests are conducted initially within the interview process. This means that applicants will be reasonably aware that their employer intends to conduct drug tests throughout the duration of employment.

If your employer decides to undertake drug testing midway through your employment, they will be required to give notice of their intentions prior to commencement.

Drug Testing Methods

Previously, many employers would require blood, saliva or urine samples in order to determine drug use. However, these methods proved less effective than hair follicle tests because they only held onto the drug toxins for a few days after use. This often meant that employees could get away with having a long weekend away from work and using drugs during this time.

Hair follicle testing is now more frequent because it holds onto the toxins in your follicles for weeks after use, meaning that employees are much less likely to get away with using between shifts. Employers are also able to fire employees who test positive for drug use in certain industries, even if the drug they’re using has been legalized in that state, as health and safety regulations state that drug use could endanger that employee or others working with them.

For this reason, it’s best to abstain from using drugs altogether in order to keep your job.

10 Ways to Stay Drug Free

If you’re a regular drug user, quitting completely might seem like an impossible task. However, around 10% of Americans have been on this recovery journey at some stage in their life, so you’re not alone and it is possible.

Here are 10 great tips that will help you stay clean and allow you to apply for your dream job.

1.   Positive Affirmations

The first step to getting clean is to believe that you can. Tell yourself each day that you can be clean and maintain positivity.

2.   Adopt a Pet

Animals are known to ease stress and anxiety. Spending time with a pet can also release healthy feel-good hormones called endorphins, which can make you naturally feel great without the use of substances.

3.   Setting SMART Goals

SMART goals ensure you know exactly what your targets are and that they’re achievable. Setting SMART goals that are attainable and in easy-to-manage steps can give you the motivation to move forward.

S – Specific – Write down exactly what you want to achieve.

M – Measurable – Ensure you can measure your progress.

A – Attainable – Make the goal achievable, otherwise this could be demotivating.

R – Realistic – Saying you’re going to be drug free by going cold turkey may not be feasible. Will cutting back work out better for you?

T – Timely – Set realistic timeframes. Saying you will completely clean within a week will leave you disappointed.

4.   Cut Out Toxic Relationships

If you used to do drugs with specific people, cut them out of your life for a while so you won’t be tempted to join them.

5.   Exercise

Exercise can help you to become healthier and provide a welcome distraction. The sweat you produce will also remove toxins from your body a little faster.

6.   Remove Triggers

If you were tempted to take drugs due to the time of year, in a specific place or with certain people, change up your routine to avoid these triggers.

7.   Create Healthy Hobbies

Take up new hobbies such as gardening, cooking or decorating. These can distract your mind and give you new skills to improve yourself while you go.

8.   Counseling

Counseling and speaking to other people who have been through a similar journey can help you to stay motivated and feel part of a team.

9.   Avoid Stress

Stress is often a trigger for drug use, so try to avoid anything that you know you find stressful, take a step back and put it into perspective.

10.  Healthy Diet

Eating more vegetables and healthy carbohydrates rather than junk food can help you feel more stimulated without the need for drugs. 

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