Expelling Drug Toxins from Hair Using Mike’s Macujo Method

We all want fresh, clean hair, but if you use drugs, whether heavily or just casually, the residue will be left in your locks. This residue from drugs can leave your hair vulnerable to damage over time and also leaves you susceptible to failing a hair drug test.

If you are looking for a proven effective way to help cleanse your hair of drug toxins, Mike’s Macujo Method is top rate. This method has been formulated to productively help you get rid of the detrimental chemicals left in your hair by drug use.

By following the proper steps and recommendations of Mike’s Macujo Method based on your drug usage (amount used, frequency potency), you will give yourself the greatest chance at successfully passing a hair drug test. Regardless of the type of substance you used, this method works for all types of drugs, so you can be confident that it will work for your specific circumstances.

Drug usage amount matters

You can help crush those toxins and send them on their way with by following Mike’s Macujo Method, but you must take into consideration a few factors. Keep in mind that this is not a carbon-copy process, as there are many variables, like how much of each drug you use, how often you use the drug, and the potency of it.

These specific attributes make a difference when it comes to the entire process!
Hair drug testing has become more stringent over the years in how hair follicles are tested. The process for testing hair for drug residue entails testing samples of the hair closest to your scalp. Presently, during a hair drug test, the hair is soaked in a chemical to remove any masking agents in order to open the follicle so the inner layers of the hair can be exposed.

Thus, it is important to not just clean the outer layer of the hair, but to get to the inner layers of the follicles to remove the drug residue on the inside, since they are what actually get tested and produce the results. Mike’s Macujo Method is the only method that fully cleans both the inner and outer layers of the hair follicle with the use of the original

Nexxus Aloe Rid shampoo.

When it comes to usage, it is essential to stop using the substances as soon as possible to eliminate the amount of residue that will be carried through your bloodstream and travel up through to your hair follicles. This critical to remember when following the steps of Mike’s Macujo Method to most effectively clean drugs from your hair.

Some claim that the texture of your hair may cause more drug residue to be stored if it is coarse, kinky, or curly, however Mike’s Macujo Method will effectively clean your hair regardless of its texture.
The amount and potency of drugs used will determine the number of times you will need to repeat Mike’s Macujo Method prior to your test. These components will also help determine the timeframe in which you need to begin the process of cleansing your hair to most adequately help ensure a successful outcome of clean hair and the passing of your hair test for drugs.  If you’re an everyday drug user, you will, you will obviously need to repeat this process more frequently than those that are casual users.

Where to begin

First and foremost, so that you can get started on your journey to removing drug toxins from your hair, realize that these results will NOT happen overnight. Substance residue can be difficult to remove from your hair follicles if you are a heavy drug user, so timing is one of the key factors in the purifying practice. It is also imperative that you stop using the drugs in order to help ensure your success with your test. Without this critical action, regardless of how many times you cleanse your hair; residue will remain and will very likely be detected during your drug test. For testing, 1.5 inches is the required sample length when available, however as little as a half inch can be tested. Keep in mind that drug use may be detected from usage up to 90 days prior to the test on the 1.5 inch length of hair sample.

If you are a heavy drug user, you should follow the amount of washes we recommend on our website. You will need to begin with a chemical treatment such as bleach and re-dye though. Other chemical treatments that can be used are hair relaxers and perms. The bleach and re-dye treatment is proven to remove 1/3 of the levels of drugs in a heavy drug user’s hair. Once this chemical treatment process is completed, heavy drug users will need to repeat the shampoo process 15 times. This will likely be enough to get a pass on your drug test, however another bleach and re-dye treatment will help ensure that the residue is fully gone prior to your test.
For casual drug users, you will obviously not need to repeat this method as frequently as those that use substances more heavily. You will still need to carefully follow Mike’s Macujo Method to shampoo your hair to help make sure all of the toxins are gone.  
For specific information on how many washes you will need to perform with this method based on your situation, please find the link here.

Stick with the process

Although the process of using Mike’s Macujo Method is lengthy, it has proven effective at helping people adequately get rid of drugs in their hair so they can pass a hair follicle drug test. Mike’s Macujo Method comes with specific instructions that MUST be followed in order to help ensure you have the best chance at a successful outcome after its usage. These instructions are formulated to help you achieve your goal of decreasing drug toxins in your hair, so while it will take some effort on your part, be patient and trust the process.

With Mike’s Macujo Method, you can be confident that you can work to effectively remove toxins from hair regardless of any factors like the type or amount of substance use, the length your hair, or the texture of your hair. Remember, these results will not happen immediately as it does take time to get rid of the drug residue from your hair. You can set yourself up for success by paying close attention the available information and following the instructions of this method. In addition to this, your success will be aided by stopping the use of drugs as soon as you can before your scheduled hair follicle dug test.

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