I searched the internet to

I searched the internet to find a solution to pass a hair follicle test and it led me to Macujo.com. I’ve never had to submit to a hair follicle test and I was wiling to do anything besides cut my hair or shave my head.

My hair length is past the center of my back (very long). Smoking marijuana almost everyday for the past 5 months was a deal breaker to obtain the job I wanted and worked hard for. I ordered the Macujo Aloe Rid and Zydot ultra clean from Macujo.com. It was shipped asap. I called and spoke with Mike on how to proceed and he knows his stuff.

I did the Macujo method 10 times and used the Zydot prior to testing. I was retested 7 days later due to the testing clinic not gathering enough hair for the 1st test.

I was terrified when they showed up on jobsite to collect another hair sample. I knew I was screwed. I’m here to say Mike Macujo’s way is the only reliable way hands down. Mr. Macujo, I owe you a steak dinner sir!!! The only complaint is there’s only 5 stars for this review cause it deserves 10 stars. This is the only way to pass a hair follicle test. You’re the man Mr. Macujo!!!!!!

Posted onNovember 8, 2021


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