How Long Does PCP Stay in Your System?

Introduction Are you a PCP user and wondering how long does PCP stay in your system? PCP is the most dangerous drug that provides hallucinog…

How Long Does Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) Stay in the System

The effects of THC or marijuana may fade away, but its metabolites can stay in your body longer. Active THC metabolites and the breakdown pr…
Bias In Drugs Testing Facts, Myths, Gender And Race

Bias In Drugs Testing: Facts, Myths, Gender And Race

Employers and authorities carry out hair follicle drug tests as a means of ensuring safety and productivity in the workplace, as well as in …
6 - Drug Tests - Why You Might End Up With A False-Positive Result

Drug Tests: Why You Might End Up With A False-Positive Result

Why Does Your Workplace Ask for a Drugs Test? Random drugs testing is becoming more common in the workplace and in education. This is becaus…
5 Panel Drug Test What Will You Be Tested For

5 Panel Drug Test: What Will You Be Tested For

It’s common practice for certain employers to ask for a drug test before offering you a formal contract of employment.   This is part…
4 - THC Edibles Will It Show In My Hair Drug Test

THC Edibles: Will It Show In My Hair Drug Test?

These days, random drugs testing is becoming more and more common for travel, medical appointments or even as part of employment. Some emplo…
3 - The New Normal - Fentanyl Laced Street Drugs

The New Normal: Fentanyl Laced Street Drugs

Fentanyl is the new drug currently being released onto the streets, with traces showing up in other drugs including the commonly used Crack-…

Success Stories of Passing Hair Follicle Test

Drug tests are a fact of life these days and more and more, people are being tested using hair follicle drug tests to gain employment. In fa…
2 - How to stay drug free

How To Stay Drug Free After Starting A Job That Requires Drug Testing

Although some drugs are now legalized in certain states for medical use or recreational use, they can still be deemed a health and safety ha…
1 - Cannabis Warning

Cannabis Warning: Users Can Still Lose Their Jobs In States Where It Is Legalized

Across 37 states, it is now legal to use marijuana for medical purposes or recreationally. However, in some fields, employers will still con…


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